Located in New Hampshire, Danny’s Team is an independent, nonprofit organization intentionally set up to be free of restricting red tape and unhampered in its appropriation of funds to organizations or individuals.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing resources for service projects, equipment and scholarships.

Everyone is a volunteer! All the activities to raise funds for Danny’s Team—all the meetings, planning and coordination as well as all the participation in the service projects—are the result of volunteer effort.

There is only one way to get on Danny’s Team: Volunteer!

If you’d like to be involved by volunteering or by making a tax deductible donation to Danny’s Team, let us know.

2012-2013 PROJECTS

* Danny’s Team board members Dawn Johnson, Doug Ewing and Heidi Chase participated in NE Passages Three Notch Century Ride in September 2012. Doug, riding a hand cycle, rode over Bear Notch despite terrible headwinds on Saturday. Dawn and Heidi rode over the three notches in two days. All three board members enjoyed a great dinner and comraded Saturday night with a few hundred riders. Danny’s Team donated $600 to NE Passage in honor of the board members ride

* A young man having a diability was in need of a van with a lift to help him maintain his independence. Dannys Team donated $1,000 in October 2012 towards achieving that goal.

* A laptop computer was purchased for a young woman with a disability in Rockingham County in January 2013. This will assist her in her studies and personal development.

* In February on 2013, a camp scholarship to Camp Allen in Beford, NH was presented to a young woman in need. The camp is well known for its work for young folks with disabilities.

* On March 3, 2013, a stair elevator was purchased and installed in the home of a family in Pittsfield, NH with the need for such assistance. Members of Dannys Team board along with some of their family members completed the installation.

Mark Ewing makes final checks on the stairlift then Rita takes its maiden voyage.

A Happy Easter

A Happy Easter Sunday as 5 year old Caleb sits in his new pushchair purchased with the help of Danny’s Team. The chair will help Caleb, who is struggling with a disability, to be more mobile at school and on family trips around Merrimack, NH.

A team of Danny’s Team volunteers headed by Doug Ewing fabricated and installed this ramp which enables Don to access his new home.